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Liquid Cooled Heads (LCH)  

Cool your Jabiru!

  • Fly with confidence.

  • Engine temperatures significantly reduced.

  • Re-torquing of head bolts no longer required.

The benefits of LCH are boundless!

  • Re-torquing of heads bolts no longer required

  • Better compression creating more power

  • Head temperatures run between 80 – 110°C (175 – 230°F)

  • Stop recession of cylinder heads & valves

  • Stop ovality of cylinders

  • Eliminate detonation

  • Prevent shock cooling

  • Minimise wear on valves & guides

  • Avoid costly top end repairs before TBO

  • Perfect CHT spread across all cylinders

  • Make the advertised TBO achievable

  • Use tougher grade 6000 series Aluminium alloy

  • Adopt a superior structural design

  • Offer the possibility of cabin heating

Cooling Type         Maximum Temperature*

Air                          400° F/ 200° C

Water                     185° F / 85° C

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Click here for a video on LCH

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