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A great opportunity for the right person.

Since 1999 Rotec Aerosport have been successfully manufacturing and distributing a quality range of aviation products to meet the needs of recreational aviation markets, worldwide.
Starting with our highly reputed 110 hp and 150 hp Rotec radial aircraft engines and then leading onto to other products such as the fantastic series of Rotec TBI fuel systems, Jabiru Liquid cooled heads (LCH), e-ignition conversions, and alternator upgrade kits for both the Jabiru and Rotax engines.
Over the many years these products have been well received and performed well in the market place.

Times are changing:
Traditionally Rotec Aerosport would handle all aspects of manufacture, sales and marketing all on its own and would often be seen at the biggest airshows around the world and in particular Sun n Fun in Florida and EAA Oshkosh in Wisconsin. Rotec has been displaying at US airshows since 2001 and has visited the USA no fewer than 30 times!  Often running 2 air shows a year in the US.
Unfortunately, in recent times Rotec has not been able to attend these lucrative international events due to government imposed travel restrictions.  Rotec has missed the last 6 of these shows and is again unlikely to be able to attend the 2022 show this season.

It is for this very reason that Rotec have recently taken stock of things and come to the realization that it is time to look seriously at having a group of trusted and hardworking dealers strategically positioned around the world.  Rotec are looking for dealers worldwide to handle Rotec all products with the USA being our initial target.
Rotec Aerosport are looking for international dealers to handle all sales, servicing, marketing and distribution of Rotec products.  All or part of the Rotec product range are available to the successful dealer.

We believe this is a tremendous business opportunity for the right person.  If you believe you have what it takes to be a Rotec Aerosport dealer please get in touch with us so as we can discuss further the business arrangements and other details.  Nothing is set in stone, let’s talk!

Contact information: 
Ph: (920) 267 7001  
(Note this a USA Skype number and is FREE to call from anywhere, please check local Melbourne time in Australia)


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