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Mike Sharples

Hi Paul, I've done a thorough check of the LCH installation :
Heads torque check 20 ft. Ibs : NO movement at all.
New spring hose clips : No leakage.
Rocker covers removed : no exhaust blow by , on any cyl.
However, all rocker covers ,except no.3 (hottest, 130 deg.C.) had sludge build up (
see photo ) .I expect this is due to running oil to cool 75 deg. C.
I've blanked off 50% of oil cooler to get oil temp up to 90 deg. ish.
Coolant temp : around 90-100 deg. C ( good for pusher ) I'm going to add 2 small
radiators ,about 5 ins. square for the summer ,as well as main rad .
Compressions on all cyl. are good & even ,no leaks around cyl. to barrel
Needless to say Paul the LCH are looking good and the engine is running fine . I leave
for NARROMINE next week so Keith Engelsman can do a flight evaluation & then we '
ll start trying to sell a few kits. Also, the TBI is excellent, & being able to lean the
mixture is realy great ,I cant get over how close the temp.spread is . I've ordered an
Air Master in-flight adjustable pitch prop that should get the cruise speed up to 110
Thanks again for all your support
Mike Sharples.

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