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LCH Customer Installations 

Greg McCarthy (Aus)

Engine: Jabiru 3300

Rotec Aerosport supplied Greg this LCH kit and also offered Greg with some installation and general assistance during this conversion.
The installation was one of the better ones we have seen and the results were flawless.

As can be seen from the pics Greg mounted the radiator on top of the upper plane of the engine mount, a fiber glass air scoop was attached to the top original Jabiru cowl, air is then directed down through the top mounted radiator.

The radiator is TIG welded Aluminum as used on a CB1300 motor bike.  under a $100 on eBay!

The scoop on top the cowl is a from a Nissan 4WD.  Rotec took a mold of the scoop to be used on future installations.


Greg can now use as much power as he likes and will never see his heads over heat.
He we seeing around 82C on the early tests.


We are more than  willing to assist any customers with their LCH installations and offer them a myriad of design solutions to suit their air frame, though I must say this one here would take a bit of topping


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