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TBI Mk.II 34-S

Refine your Engine!

  • Throttle Body Injection – Achieve Peak Performance

  • Better Fuel Atomisation – Increase Engine Power

  • Fully Aerobatic – Perfect Mixture Control

There is a Rotec TBI Fuel System suitable for any spark ignition internal combustion engine, ranging from 40 – 250+ horsepower (30 – 186+ kW). While the TBI is designed specifically for carbed aircraft engines, there is no reason it cannot be fitted to an EFI engine, even if used in a motorcycle, car or boat.


  • Suitable for smaller engines (40 – 85 hp) 

  • 34 mm throat

  • 50 mm spigot mount 

Suited Engines 

  • Jabiru 2200

  1. Each new Rotec TBI comes with an in-built fuel regulator and installation manual.

  2. Each TBI model has a recommended power rating and a mount suited to particular model engines. Alternate TBI flanges can be used depending on desired mounting arrangement, although the recommended model will mount to your engine without modification. The TBI can be used with many more engines than listed.

  3. Recommended power rating: The range of peak power output the TBI model can accommodate without impeding manifold pressure at WOT.

  4. Various TBI models can be used with Rotax Engines.

  5. The Lycoming O-320 is better suited to the 40mm unit despite the power it produces.

  6. The 50mm spigot will attach to the typical Bing carburetor rubber coupling found on the Rotec Radials and Jabiru engines.

  7. The aviation flanges match directly to suited engine. No carburetor mount modification is required.

  8. The Rotec TBI fuel system is offered as an optional upgrade over the Bing carburetor supplied standard on the Rotec R2800 and Rotec R3600.

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