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Brad Lange, Australia

Origin: Australia Engine: Lycoming O-360 Fuel System: TBI-48-4/5
From: Brad Lange
Sent: Monday, 16 March 2015 2:33PM
Subject: Rotec TBI 48 on Lycoming O-360

Hi Paul
Thanks for all your time on the phone. It’s comforting dealing with a real person on the other end.
Quite unusual these days, but I appreciate you taking the calls.
I love the performance of my Rotec 48 TBI. Having scratch built my Bearhawk, adding the Rotec
added another dimension to the whole build process. While it does take a little bit of effort to get it
all running sweetly, it is well worth it. I found the unit simple, light and easy to install.
I can set and forget! On recent trips I have found that I can set my EGT at 1370 in the cruise and it
just stays there for hours. CHT normally sits at about 360-370 and is very stable. On those really hot
summer Queensland days I found the Engine temps all very manageable.
Cannot wait for the weekend…………..every weekend!

Derek Dyer

Origin: Australia Engine: Rotec R2800 Fuel System: TBI-40-S
From: Derek Dyer
Sent: Monday, 24 January 2011 2:32 PM
Subject: TBI / R2800 fuel burn

Hi Paul, Some fuel burn figures with the TBI on the R2800 radial. The leaning feature really cuts back on the fuel burn in cruise. Compared to the Bing which could not achieve this. The top end power is fantastic. The whole system is so smooth. Very happy. Regards,


Ron Shannon

Origin: USA Engine: Jabiru 3300 Fuel System: TBI-40-S
From: Ron Shannon
Sent: Monday, 17 January 2011 10:27 AM
Subject: Re: TBI suggestions

Paul, I am very happy to report that I have the TBI running on my 3300 and overall, it’s great and I’m very pleased with it. After just a little bit of prime, it fired right up first time. After that, all I’ve had to adjust (so far) was the idle stop. It runs great at idle as is so I’ve not bothered to fiddle with idle mixture. Interestingly, at static RPM, it puts out 130-­150 RPM more than the AeroCarb with the same prop! Yay! Much thanks,

Ron Shannon 

Bruce Knowles

Origin: Australia Engine: Jabiru 3300 Fuel System: TBI-40-S
From: Bruce Knowles
Sent: Thursday, 13 January 2011 4:22 PM
To: Rotec
Subject: Bruce Knowles jabiru 3300 VH NZK

Hello Paul, I fitted your TBI-40-S to my Jabiru 430 about 8 months ago and while at it I also fitted a new Sensenich prop to replace a damaged one. The replacement prop was identical to the previous. on first take off I was very surprised to observe the revs had increase dramatically to 3200 rpm when on the previous Bing set up would deliver about 2750rpm. That’s a big jump in performance, some 450rpm! At first I thought I had been supplied with the wrong prop but after careful examination, the prop checked out as having the same pitch and diameter as the previous. The increase in power had come directly from the addition of the TBI. It is advertised that a performance increase is to be expected but I did not expect to gain as much as I did. Full power performance and the resultant climb is much improved, and with the mixture control I simply lean off at cruise for best fuel burn. The increase in RPM has allowed me to add more prop and with that I dumped the Sensenich and purchased a bigger three Blade Bolly prop with more bite! The Bolly Prop has allowed me to adjust it so that I can convert the new found HP in to usable performance. More power equals more fuel but the leaning capability of the TBI 40 design has allowed me to adjust the fuel flow back to a burn that the Bing simply could not offer. I rang Paul at Rotec to tell him how impressed I was with the TBI. I am now looking very seriously at Rotec LCH liquid cooled cylinder heads as I believe the TBI fuel injection combined with LCH heads will make the ultimate Jabiru engine. As It stands now my heads temps do still tend to creep above acceptable limits on the warmer days. One step at a time so they say. I would have no hesitation is recommending the TBI for the Jabiru engine, its brilliant. Paul please feel free to forward my experiences to any potential customers you may have, you can also give them my email should they wish to discuss any aspect of the TBI. Thanks again for wonderful product. Regards

Bruce Knowles

Calvin Thorne

Origin: Canada Engine: Jabiru 3300 Fuel System: TBI-40-S
From: Calvin Thorne
Sent: Thursday, 14 October 2010 11:55 AM
To: Rotec
Subject: RE: Calvin Thorne – TBI Questions

Paul, Thank you for the immediate response to my question. You folks have the greatest customer service and this is hard to find these days. Great doing business with you and will try to send more your way.

Calvin Thorne Cochrane 

Dana Thurston

Origin: USA Engine: Jabiru 3300 Fuel System: TBI-40-S
From: Dana Thurston
Sent: Tuesday, 12 October 2010 5:36 AM
To: Factory, Rotec
Subject: Jab 3300 with TBI!!

RIGHT ON!! First flight of my Sonex with a jabiru 3300 and a Rotec TBI went off great!!! This engine NEVER ran like this!!! Having had some near deaths with the “brand A” throttle body and forever trying to get it to run sort of alright…the Rotec was awesome right from first start and gives me a solid 100 rpm gain on climbout with lower EGT (1100 tops)! I’m making significantly more HP and its smooth in every rpm range. I couldn’t be happier with the choice I’ve made. I’ll send some pics when the cowl comes off and till then enjoy a brief walk around!!

Dana Thurston 

David Mccandless

Origin: Australia Engine: Rotec R2800 Fuel System: TBI-40-S

From: Dave McCandless
Sent: Tuesday, 20 July 2010 11:00 AM
To: rotec factory
Subject: Funk R2800 installation

To the Rotec Team I now have my 1946 Funk flying with the Rotec R2800 fueled with the Rotec TBI. It performs better that I ever imagined. The whole installation turned out to be a very pleasing exercise in aircraft home engineering. There were minor glitches along the way and the Rotec factory support in solving those glitches was most appreciated. When I got myself into a hole (almost literally!) with the lubrication system due to my own stupidity, the factory came up with a positive ‘can do, can fix’ solution that has culminated in a vast increase in my knowledge of, and confidence in, my R2800. The TBI is not a complicated piece of equipment, but it still must be installed and tuned correctly for satisfactory performance. The fact that Paul was always available on email or at the end of the phone for advice made the whole installation a simple series of steps. Timely backup with improved components, supplied free of charge along the way has left me with a feeling that Rotec were interested seeing my Funk project through to a successful conclusion and that it was not just ‘another engine sale’. Please feel free to refer any potential customers to me should they wish to discuss any aspects of my engine fit experience. With my best regards and thanks,

Dave McCandless

Martin Hone

Origin: Australia Engine: Rotec R3600 Fuel System: TBI-40-S
From: Martin Hone
Sent: Wednesday, 23 June 2010 11:45 AM
To: Rotec
Subject: Re: TBI working great.

Paul, I spoke with one of the local flyers on the weekend that is looking at putting one on his Lycoming O-320 powered BD4, so I can just say pretty much what I told him………….. When I fitted the Rotec R3600 into the prototype Spacewalker II – RR, I was originally going to keep things simple and use the supplied Bing carb. As it turned out, I had a tuning issue with the Bing, so it justified ordering the TBI unit before the first flight. While I therefore cannot make a direct comparison between the Bing and the TBI, I have found the TBI to be very simple to maintain and tune, with the very real advantage of being able to adjust the mixture in-flight. This feature alone makes the TBI a worthwhile purchase, allowing optimum engine performance at various altitudes, and saving fuel. On a recent cross country flight over 14 hours duration, The R3600 was consistently taking on less fuel at each fuel stop than a friend’s Rotax 912-powered J6 Karatoo. We were travelling at the same speed, so the R3600 was loafing, but we were both amazed at is economy of 18.1 litres per hour (4.8 US gallon per hour). As soon as the carb on my Lycoming O-320 powered RV gives trouble , it will be replaced by a Rotec TBI immediately.

Martin Hone.

Michael Custard

Origin: Australia Engine: Rotec R3600 Fuel System: TBI-40-S
From: Mike Custard
Sent: Saturday, 10 April 2010 2:54 PM
To: ‘Rotec Factory’
Subject: Rotec TBI Vs Marvel-Schebler

Hi Paul, I finally got the chance to fly with the TBI (0-200) and I have attached the comparison sheet. Idle, throttle response and overall engine performance was very good. Tables: Marvel-Schebler Carburetor VS. Rotec TBI-40-3 Throttle Body Injection on a Continental 0-200 powered Kitfox With Marvel-Schebler Carburetor

@5000MSL, 45F OAT, Dynon D-180 EFIS/EMS Thanks,

Mike Custard

Nick Coleman

Origin: Florida, USA Engine: Lycoming O-320 Fuel System: TBI-40-4
From: Nick Coleman
Sent: Tuesday, 6 October 2009 9:38 AM
To: Rotec
Subject: TBI Install on O-320 Swick-T pictures

G’day Paul, As promised here is some pictures of my TBI install on my O-320 powered Swick-T. When I first got the TBI out of the box I thought there is no way this thing can work very well. It is too small, too light, it did not cost me an arm and a leg, and there is only two moving parts. However, on a leap of faith I pulled off the piece of #$@$%* PS-5C pressure carb that I have run for years and set about installing your TBI. I was completely shocked when the engine started on the fourth blade on the initial start. I have about five hours flying it now and I cannot be more pleased. It starts right up every time, hot or cold. My engine runs smoother and quieter than it ever has. I do not have the specific numbers yet, but I am using a significant less amount of fuel per hour. While doing aerobatics in a practice box my ground observer even noticed that my engine seemed to running be much quieter and smoother than it had in the past. I cannot tell you thanks enough, it just works great. If you have any customers looking for recommendations please feel free to have them contact me. Thanks again,

Nick Coleman

Lynn Mattison

Origin: Australia Engine: Jabiru 2200 Fuel System: TBI-34-S
From: Lynn Matteson
Sent: Tuesday, 10 November 2009 1:19 AM
To: Rotec Factory
Subject: Engine stoppage during takeoff

Hi Paul, The TBI that I bought from you at Oshkosh has been running great on my Jabiru 2200 engine. Thanks again for the suggestions, and keep up the good work. Several people have mentioned to me that they got good advice from you regarding their installations. Good show, mate! Lynn

Lynn’s Comments are posted on the Matronics Forum. Air frame: Kitfox IV Speedster, tail dragger Engine: Jabiru 2200, #2062, 727.5 hrs Prop: Sensenich 62″x46″ Wood Ignition System: Electroair direct-fire Fuel System: Rotec TBI Extract #1: Aug 03, 2009 Status: Rotec TBI success story underway.

I bought a Rotec TBI mechanical fuel injection system while at Oshkosh, and spent the last 3 1/2 days making the throttle control bellcrank, the air intake tube adapter, and the fuel line, and after all checks and double-checks, I fired her up. The TBI performed as advertised….right out of the box. The first flight will come tomorrow. As advertised, this thing will not drip fuel like the other well-known Bing replacement on the market. Nothing against them, but I am VERY happy I made the decision…so far, anyway. Flying might be another thing, but so far, so good.

Extract #2: Aug 10, 2009 Status: TBI installation done…tests flights underway

… the addition of the Rotec TBI mechanical fuel injection system will enable the pilot to control the EGT’s rather well. I’ve been test flying mine over the last several days, and I’ve seen EGT’s as close together as (today’s flight) 41 degrees F., and CHT’s as close together as 7 degrees F. It’s nice to be able to adjust the mixture with this device, and also to see the fuel flow read down as low as 2.9 gph at about 80 mph ground speed into a 12 mph wind at 2700 rpm. I’ve been playing with “lean off peak” with this device, which is one reason that I bought it. It amazed me that you can see the EGT’s go down after reaching peak temperature….I was a skeptic as first, but if the engine lives, I’ll be a believer. Even without the ability to go lean of peak, just being able to adjust the mixture on the fly is worth the added workload on this pilot during takeoff and landing.

Don and Dianne

Origin: Have been Rotec clients since 2004 purchasing a Rotec engine and accessories.
From: Donna Warner
Sent: Tuesday, 8 September 2009 5:32 AM
To: Rotec
Subject: Rotec Factory – Product, Management & Support

Hi – Our name is Don & Donna Warner We manage “Team Luscombe” ( ATC-694 Holder ). We Restore, Repair and Custom build Luscombes. Currently we are replicating a 1938 Luscombe model 4. You can view our project on the Rotec web site, Home page / Warner model 4. We started this project because of Rotec’s new R2800 engine, and after talking with Paul at “Sun-N-Fun” and seeing their demo aircraft, a Kit Fox, We were sold on the engine and the people that produce it. We ordered the engine and included their exhaust system and propeller. Factory designed equipment saves many hours in production and evaluation. Rotec has already engineered everything to work together. No trial and error. The Factory support we have received from Paul and Jim has been excellant. They are quick to respond to our technical questions and any problems that came-up they have resolved fairly and to our satisfaction. Our parent company, Luscombe Silvaire who build the new LSA Luscombe’s, has just completed a Rotec R2800 installation also, its called the Phantom II. It performes perfectly and has already appeared in Plane & Pilot, June 2009 issue. As business managers, We appreciate working with other business people that have a good product, present it with pride and are always willing to take care of any problems that may arrise. Rotec is a great company. They have a teriffic aviation product, conduct their business professionally and treat their customers friendly, fairly and above all with respect. Respectfully,

Don & Donna Warner Team

Luscombe Donna Warner

Bill Pokes

Origin: Has been dealing with Rotec since 2004 purchasing an engine and accessories.
From: bill
Sent: Wednesday, 9 September 2009 3:39 AM
To: Rotec;;
Subject: RE: Rotec Factory support

All, I am flying the Rotec 2800 on my Kitfox. I am beyond happy with the engine and the support provided by The Rotec Staff. I was fortunate to have been at this years Airventure at Oshkosh and met Paul Chernikeeff. It was great to put a face with a name. Regarding support: When I have had a question, the Rotec staff has responded in less than 24 hours. I sure wish all suppliers were as responsive. This engine is a Contemporary Radial Engine which Starts immediately, runs smooth, has incredible sound, great looks and draws a crowd wherever I go. I have flown a number of Kitfox aircraft and the performance with this engine is astounding. The acceleration on takeoff pushes you back into the seat cushions. I gave a ride to a long time Kitfox owner last week and his comment after takeoff was “ WOW”. I am swinging a 76” x 55” prop- which was what Paul suggested – and the performance is just what we were looking for. At Gross with 4500’ density altitude ( the ride previously mentioned) we were climbing at around 1200 FPM. The long prop required longer landing gear legs, but I understand a 3 blade prop is available. If anyone has any questions please feel free to call or email. The Kitfox is at Chandler Arizona Airport ( KCHD). I will be glad to show it to you. Best Regards and Thank You Paul for all of your continuing help and support.

Bill William Prokes

Jake Shultz

My interaction with ROTEC has been a stellar experience… My engine has only recently arrived so I have not yet mounted or ran it, however the interaction and support from ROTEC has been wonderful. From the very first call to the arrival of my engine, they have answered all my questions and have been very professional. The passion and pride that they hold for their product is evident to me. The engine sits on my shop floor looking like a piece of fine sculpture. I would have no hesitation in recommending a purchase…


Francis (Joe) Meyeres

Origin: Client since 2004 purchasing and engine and accessories.
From: Francis L Meyeres
Sent: Wednesday, 9 September 2009 11:24 AM
To: Rotec Factory
Subject: Re: Rotec Factory support Comments

I have a Kitfox Classic IV with a Rotec R2800 on the nose. I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed that engine since I first got it. The folks at Rotec have been absolutely outstanding to work with any time there has been any questions or issues that have arose. If you are thinking about purchasing a Rotec and are concerned about their support… put your mind at ease. These guys have a great product that runs smoothe, sounds outstanding, has plenty of power and absoulety has all the aesthetic qualities the others wish they had. Guaranteed you will not draw a crowd to look at your new “Brand X” motor like you will with the Rotec Radial!

Joe Meyeres

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