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Jabiru E-Ignition Upgrade 

Boost your Jabiru!

  • Start first time every time.

  • Simple ‘bolt on’ upgrade.

  • Available for 2200, 3300, and 5100 engines.

The benefits of E-Ignition upgrade are boundless

  • Starts first blade in any weather condition

  • Will start on a poorly charged battery, making battery condition no longer an issue

  • Simple ‘bolt on’ upgrade

  • Replaced magneto can be retained as a spare

  • Enables hand starting

Jabiru E-Ignition Upgrade Kit includes:​

  • 1 x High energy ignition coil

  • 1 x Ignition coil lead

  • 1 x Hall sensor and mounting plate

  • 1 x Ignition module

  • 1 x Wiring harness with ignition module plug

  • 1 x Heat sink compound

  • 1 x Installation and wiring instructions

Click here for a video on E-Ignition upgrade

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