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Jabiru E-Ignition Upgrade


Do you recommend the CD Thematic switches?

Most the time we just run the electric water pump (EWP) flat out. But we would normally have an on/ off switch so we can have the pump off during cranking and thus have the full amount of current available for starting. Jabiru engines require high cranking RPM to get decent spark. Once the engine is started we would switch the EWP on. If you have e-ignition, there will be no issues and the engine will start easily.
Davies Craig, the pump maker, can supply a black box the comes with a thermos couple. The black controls the speed of the pumps impeller to set the temp as per the setting on the black box. Another method we’ve seen customers use is to run the pump at 100% and just use a motor bikes inline thermostat to control the flow and thus water temp.

What is the aprox amperage for this pump on start-up? & when running?
The EWP 80 draws around 3 amps.


Ignition switching current installation uses a typical Key /Rotary switch (off/ left/ right/ both/ start). Do I need a separate switch to activate the revised ignition ?

If you have a typical rotary mag switch these will open the P leads to make the mag hot and close contact to ground for kill, whereas the E-Ignition will require closed contact switched power to make hot and open contact. So a reversal needs to take place. This can easily be achieved with a normally closed (N/C) mini relay. Automotive type works well at 20-40 amps.

The area where the module is mounted to the airframe gets extremely hot although the unit itself doesn't seem to be abnormally hot.

TThe Electronic module MUST be mounted to an aluminium heat sink, then the heat transfer paste be used between the heat sink and the back side of the module. On top of this it would be ideal to blast cold air directly onto the module and the heat sink.


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