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Jabiru Alternator Upgrade 

Boost your Jabiru!

  • Never worry about your charging system again

  • Simple ‘bolt on’ upgrade

  • Available for Jabiru 2200, 3300, and 5100 engines

Since offering Jabiru customers the TBI and LCH, we have been made aware that the standard permanent magnet Jabiru alternator is not supplying sufficient current, resulting in battery charge diminishing over time. This is especially prevalent in cockpits with extra electronic instruments. Additionally a permanent magnet alternator can only rectify the flux created from rotational motion, not regulate it. Put simply, charging ability is limited to engine RPM.

Jabiru Alternator Upgrade Contents


  • 1 x 45 Amp alternator

  • 1 x CNC machined drive pulley

  • 1 x CNC machined mounting plate to suit your engine

  • 1 x Fan belt

  • 1 x Set of required mounting nuts and bolts

  • 1 x Set of installation and wiring instructions

Alternator         Current supply ability (Amps)

Standard          10-25 – RPM Dependent

Rotec               45 – Continuous

Rotec Aerosport’s Jabiru Alternator Upgrade Kit eliminates the limitation described in the in the Jabiru Pilot’s Operating Handbook – Section 3.10

"When the engine is turning at approximately 2000 RPM and above the alternator produces sufficient power for all lights to be run continuously. However, below this RPM the alternator cannot produce this power output and power must be drawn from the battery if all electrical systems are running. To reduce the load on the alternator, Jabiru Aircraft recommend only using the Landing Light for takeoff and landing – turning it off during normal cruise operations and wherever safe while taxiing."

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