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Radial Engines


Phil Swenson, USA

Engine: Rotec R2800

"Hi Paul,
I am still feeling the rush of a successful first flight of "Little Stearman" powered by a beautiful
R2800! My project received its airworthiness certificate on June 26th - but with the arrival of kids
and grandkids I couldn't get time to concentrate on the first flight until yesterday morning, July
I had done much taxi testing, but was totally unprepared for the smooth and rapid acceleration
as I advanced the throttle with no brakes or tie-down. I'll bet I was off the ground in 250 to 300
feet. The engine ran perfectly - smooth as glass, with PLENTY of power. I flew for about a half
an hour before landing with a huge grin on my face! I have attached a couple of pictures - but I
still have to get some close-up flight photos.
There were many comments of those on the ground of how nice that radial looked and sounded
on this project. I have some routine trim adjustments to make - and then I'll get some in-flight
photos from a chase plane. The attached photos give you an idea of how the aircraft looks on
the ground - and then some long distance take-off photos of the first flight.
Best Regards,
Phil Swenson"

Joe Meyeres, USA

Engine: Rotec R2800

Aircraft: Kitfox IV

"Hi everybody,
I have a Kitfox Classic IV with a Rotec R2800 on the nose. I can't tell you how
much I have enjoyed that engine since I first got it. The folks at Rotec have been
absolutely outstanding to work with any time there has been any questions or issues
that have arose. They have always contacted me promptly with answers to any
questions or concerns I had, and have always shown the utmost in professionalism
and respect in their dealings with me.
I have been in the aviation industry for nearly 40 years now and have dealt with
manufacturers of piston engines, turbo prop engines and jet engines. Without any
doubt these guys rank right up there with the best of them for product support. This
little motor is their passion. Every time I hear someone who references the negative
stuff on the internet, I have to pause and remember how many negative comments I
have heard about "those damned Lycoming, Continental or even Rotax engines!"
If you are thinking about purchasing a Rotec and are concerned about their
support... put your mind at ease. These guys have a great product that runs
smooth, sounds outstanding, has plenty of power and absolutely has all the aesthetic
qualities the others wish they had. Guaranteed you will not draw a crowd to look at
your new "Brand X" motor like you will with the Rotec Radial!

PS....How cool to have a Kitfox on floats with the Radial???!!!! I think it would be
another first of a kind."

Hans Gautschi & Sam Gautschi, Switzerland

Engine: Rotec R3600

Aircraft: Hatz Classic

"Dear Paul and all the team at Rotec,

I am very happy and proud to congratulate you for a masterpiece of a radial engine!!! We are very happy with our engine and have now about 70 flight hours time. The engine runs beautifully and flawlessly and gets admired wherever we land! And it has one difference to any old radial:
it's not oily, not messy!!
We hope to attend a few shows this summer - if it ever arrives (raining all days right now!) I am also proud to mention, that Sam has now profound knowledge of the engine and the Hatz and he is continuously adding improvements where necessary and takes care of its maintenance.
Thank you very much, Paul, for developing and building such a nice engine!
We are recommending your brand on any occasion.
Kindest regards
P.S. Hope to meet you again, probably at Osh 2017!"

Bill Piper, USA

Engine: Rotec R3600

Aircraft: Starduster II


"Hi All,
I am installing a Rotec 3600 in a Starduster II (first of a kind). I first met Paul
Chemikeeff at Airventure, Oshkosh in 2006 and purchased the 3600 in 2007 at
Oshkosh. I worked with the Rotec people with the engine mount design and oil tank
design which they made and shipped with the engine. The installation went together
Both Paul and Jim were superb to work with and responded to ALL my questions
quickly, generally within 24 hours. I have been in contact with them by telephone
and e-mail. I only wish other OEM’s and vendors were as responsive.
The quality of the Rotec engine and parts they have fabricated are superior. The
engine starts and runs as advertised – I can’t wait to get it in the air!!
Speaking as an Aeronautical engineer and FAA Designated Engineering
Representative I feel Rotec and it’s people are producing a well designed product
with great service support.
Personal regards and thank you Paul and Jim for the continuing support.
Bill Pieper
Consultant FAA DER
Structures & Powerplant"

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