Brian Kelly’s Radial RV-8R: “A Poor Man’s Hellcat”


The Inside Scoop: First Run of an R2800

Sun ‘N Fun 2016

With the dust now settled on Sun n Fun 2016, we can reflect on what was one of Rotec Aersport’s best shows ever, with us relocated in a prime position, having three show stopper aircraft on display, record crowds and near perfect weather all week we had an outstanding week. Many thanks to the three customers that had their Rotec powered planes on display.  Ed Leineweber with his R2800 powered Low Camp, Steve Wolf and his bare bones R3600 powered Samson Mite and last but not least Brian Kelly and his R3600 powered RV-8R. Also a special mention to Bill Alcock of winner’s circle sports bar for once again looking after me during the week, stopped me from getting dehydrated and holding engines for Rotec and allowing his friendly staff, Mark Maddock “Bull” to help me out was fantastic.  Bull really helped share the work load. Brooke Alcock also for also chipping in. A special congrats to Brian Kelly for winning the “Most Innovative, spirit of home building” award for his amazing RV-8R with the Rotec R3600 radial. Brian, Steve and Ed were at their planes all week, interacting with customers and answering the many questions they had. Brian flew his R3600 powered RV-8 to the show and back home, he took the time to log the following performance numbers which make for an interesting reading. “RV-8R (Rotec R3600) performance: Cruise 160 Kts, Fuel burn 8 G/hr. Engine RPM 3,040 (3:2 reduction so 2,026 on prop) Temps all 9 cylinders even. These numbers are ahead of the typical O-320 powered RV-8 and just a hand full of knots off... read more